Hawksford helps boost Genomica's biotech growth in China







Client profile 

Genomica is a biotech company with more than 25 years of experience within the industry, and has become a world leader in molecular diagnostics and genetic identification which provides analysis of DNA, legal and forensic medicine, and technology transfer services.


Client's objective 

Facing tax compliance and accounting hurdles in China, our client was looking for a corporate service provider that could provide a fast and efficient service offering to meet their reporting, tax compliance, accounting, HR and payroll requirements.  


Our solution

We were able to successfully provide our client with fast and efficient IIT guidance and assist with their payroll preparation which allowed for the continuity of their business operations.

As a result of doing such an excellent job during this difficult period, Genomica then decided to delegate all their tax compliance and accounting matters to us here at Hawksford along with providing special assistance to its foreign employees when needed, such as the yearly IIT reconciliation filing.

With Genomica's head office in Spain, our Hawksford China team were able to provide local knowledge and guidance to the client's senior management team and our bilingual professionals were also able to communicate with the client in their native language of Spanish, which allowed for quicker and more responsive communication.


Services provided

  • Tax compliance
  • Accounting services
  • HR and payroll administration


Client feedback:


"Genomica engaged the Hawksford team to support and coordinate all financial and tax matters. Their professionalism and expertise have ensured that we have the peace of mind that we have everything in line with local compliance requirements in China. I am delighted with the service they provide and the work they have done to date."

Yolanda Galan  -  Business Controller


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