Hawksford assists Jeanologia with opening an innovation hub in Asia





  • Chinese mainland and Hong Kong


Client Profile and Industry

  • Based in Valencia, Spain, Jeanologia specialises in the manufacturing of denim finishing through their advanced laser and ozone protective technology systems. 
    Jeanologia's mission is to transform the textiles industry with their technology, creating a more sustainable way to develop denim, by reducing use of water energy and chemicals, eliminating harmful emissions and discharges into the atmosphere, guaranteeing zero pollution.

Client's Objective

  • Jeanologia were already established in Turkey, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, and the U.S and wanted to further their global footprint by opening an innovation hub in Hong Kong. It needed a professional services provider that it could rely on and outsource their back office too.


Our Solution

  • We were able to guide Jeanologia through the expansion of its business in Hong Kong. The services we provided, such as relocation of employees and payroll management, allowed Jeanologia to successfully operate in Hong Kong immediately, knowing that we had taken care of these administrative tasks. We also provided a full back-office team for our client, allowing them to focus on their growth and expansion. 
  • With an established office in Hong Kong, our on the ground team understood the local compliance regulations required to open an innovation hub in Hong Kong, which gave our client the utmost confidence in us to see this project through with great success.


Services Provided

  • Accounting services
  • Tax compliance
  • Bank and treasury management
  • Payroll administration
  • Management of business licenses and chops 

"We worked with Hawksford's Hong Kong office, where we have another Jeanologia subsidiary. In Hong Kong, they helped us to grow from an offshore company to the most important hub for the group, where we manage all Asian markets. Hawksford also helped us to establish our subsidiary in Shanghai and to understand local legislation in tax, accounting, and labour terms in order to adapt our culture and way of working to China."

 Esther Segura  -  Subsidaries Manager 


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