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29 July 2021   |   Insights

Your go-to-guide for internationalising your business in Vietnam.


International Expansion - Expanding into Vietnam

Vietnam is an exciting destination for many businesses looking to access the Southeast Asia region.

If you’re expanding your business abroad and are considering on pursuing the Vietnam market, there are many factors to consider.

While the decision may bring forward many opportunities, you may also face a few obstacles.

Through our technical expertise and know-how, we have created a business guide, essential for international expansion into Vietnam.

Our complimentary Vietnam Business Expansion Guide covers the following topics:

  • Business incorporation & set-up in Vietnam
  • Steps to incorporating your company in Vietnam
  • Legal entity comparison
  • Vietnam’s intellectual property landscape
  • Tax exemptions and incentives available for Vietnamese companies
  • Double taxation agreements (DTAs)


Our complimentary Vietnam Business Expansion Guide

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International Business Expansion Services

International business expansion into Vietnam can be complex but rewarding for any company looking to accelerate their business growth. It requires strategic planning, time, and resources to successfully set up or grow operations abroad.

A plan of action and considering the key considerations outlined in our guide can help mitigate many challenges that may arise during the process. However, having the guidance and support of an established trusted global partner, like Hawksford, can provide you with the local expertise to address your in-country and around the clock needs, while supporting your business as it builds internationally.

Through a combination of offices in major financial hubs and an extensive network of partners in established and emerging APAC locations, we can assist at many points of your business expansion, from ensuring compliance set-up, operational management, and guidance on hiring at the point of entry, to payroll management operations and supplier chain management as you scale and grow.

We empower our clients to operate effectively, sustainably, and commercially by taking on the burden of the local requirements so they can execute their businesses growth plans without fail.

Learn about our full range of International Business Expansion services now and get your journey started. 


International business expansion experts

5 Challenges of international business expansion

  1. Meeting local regulatory and compliance requirements
  2. Hiring the right talent
  3. Understanding the local language, business etiquette and culture
  4. Travel restrictions during COVID-19
  5. Supply chain management
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