If you’re looking to embed philanthropy as part of your wealth planning and structuring, you’ll want a partner firm with a credible philanthropy offering and a sophisticated and flexible approach to structuring based on many years of knowledge and experience.

You will want guidance on what type of structure is most appropriate for your objectives, be it a charitable foundation or trust. You will want sound advice on whether this structure should be established in Jersey or in another jurisdiction. The aim is to find a partner who can offer you a flexible service which is no more complicated than the day to day administration of your own portfolio.

How we can help - our philanthropic ethos

We understand that for many people, philanthropy is becoming more important, covering a wide range of initiatives. Philanthropy has evolved. Many families see the creation and maintenance of philanthropic structures as part of a wider process of engaging the next generations in the responsibilities of wealth management. There may be a religious or cultural motive to consider. In other circumstances, the significant rise in social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy means young entrepreneurs are seeking to make a social impact and investment. Commercial institutions are increasingly choosing to go the extra mile for their customers, staff and communities by adopting a policy of socially responsible investment.

Our focus is on the delivery of tangible results, and making sure you find the experience rewarding.

We start by listening to and understanding your requirements and handpicking the best team to look after your needs. With a tailored approach from day one, we ensure you receive a level of support and guidance that makes you feel comfortable. As your plans evolve, we will be on hand to redefine your giving strategy.

Choosing a structure for philanthropy

There are a number of options available for structuring charitable and philanthropic giving. We will work with you to identify your objectives and the factors which are important to you. Some clients wish to integrate their philanthropic activities within their own estate planning and asset protection structures, while others prefer a stand alone entity as a dedicated vehicle for their charitable giving.

The type of structure chosen may depend on the level of influence you and your family wish to retain. Both trusts and foundations, the most popular structures, provide significant flexibility and can allow for the involvement of third parties in a number of different capacities. Whether a trust or a foundation, the documentation can be drawn in a bespoke manner and tailored to your needs.

Wealthy families are increasingly co-ordinating their affairs and regarding philanthropy as a core part of overall wealth planning. The reasons for this are diverse but we are seeing the following trends:

  • The increase in young wealthy, particularly in the emerging economies, has led to a change in the age dynamic of those wishing to give.
  • An increasingly disciplined approach to philanthropy means that many prospective clients consider their charitable giving with as much thought and vigour as their commercial enterprise. The support of a professional team facilitating and sometimes focusing their wishes is often greatly valued.
  • Some clients include charitable giving as part of their overall tax planning; and tax advice is certainly important in any structure to maximise benefit for the charitable causes.
  • Many clients wish to have a more direct involvement with their chosen causes than can be the case with unstructured charitable giving. A structure can assist clients in ensuring that the money goes where it is most needed. This is particularly useful where clients wish to make a longer term commitment rather than a one off donation; and where they wish to monitor the impact of their giving.
  • Wider family involvement in charitable giving is becoming increasingly popular, with more clients taking steps to involve younger members of the family. This can provide valuable experience and training and have a very positive and inclusive impact on the family dynamic.

Our experience

Some current examples include:

  • Facilitating scientific and medical research into cures for specific types of cancer and funding of medical research for a wide range of illness;
  • Funding medical infrastructure;
  • Educational funding for economic and social empowerment in deprived and war torn areas; and
  • Ecological, environmental and animal conservation projects, including the maintenance and promotion of one of the world's foremost centres of excellence for the propagation of orchids.

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