International Trust & Company Estate Planning

With offices in the favoured financial services centres of Jersey (Head Office), Cayman Islands, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, we enable clients to structure their assets beyond borders and for the long term.

The world marketplace is evolving and the demand for truly global wealth management is on the rise. Hawksford is here to help. We understand that clients want to work with experienced corporate trustees who have the breadth of international and technical knowledge to provide valued and highly regulated fiduciary services.

Who would find these financial services useful?

International planning solutions are often requested by ultra high-net-worth clients, and their advisors, seeking:

  • succession planning administration that will ensure asset protection for the next generation, protecting their wealth when they pass on ownership of their assets
  • the transfer of wealth to family members in a controlled and measured way to ensure the wealth is managed responsibly by the younger generation
  • to restructure personal ownership of Listed companies and privately-owned commercial operations using foreign trusts for asset protection and efficient estate planning solutions
  • to diversify wealth sourced from private family business interests for the future enhancement of the family's wealth held across multiple jurisdictions
  • administrative support following the introduction of information exchanges such as FATCA reporting and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
  • the financial structuring of personal affairs to take advantage of tax-compliant mitigating opportunities for family members living overseas
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A) with target companies in other jurisdictions, often seeking Escrow service arrangements
  • to structure for corporate or personal philanthropy using offshore charitable trusts or foundations

Client scenarios

These examples of cross-border asset administration explain the different types of challenges which internationally positioned individuals often face, and demonstrate the range of approaches which Hawksford can take to provide estate and inheritance tax planning, and asset administration.

Explore client scenarios involving international estate planning:

What we offer our clients

  • Assistance with the incorporation of and establishment of legal and tax compliant financial structures created in overseas territories
  • International estate planning with the administration of assets and wealth held across multiple jurisdictions
  • Assistance with the legal obligations of beneficiaries and settlors having an interest in a foreign financial structure requiring annual reporting in the USA, UK and Canada
  • Assistance with pre and post immigration structures, being largely dependant on the countries involved
  • Assistance with legacy structures requiring new financial planning, due to changes in family circumstances
  • Access to our network of international tax professionals who can advise on the challenges and requirements for inbound and outbound tax restructuring
  • Escrow services provided when read in conjunction with the terms of Share Purchase Agreements
  • Provision of trustees, Qualified Council Members with respect to Foundations (Jersey) Law 2009, and directors in accordance with the chosen vehicles and jurisdictions.

Why choose Hawksford?

With our capability spanning the world's leading international markets, we are well-placed to help clients identify the suitability of jurisdictions and foreign law structures for their assets and estate planning.

We pride ourselves on offering good governance and effective management and control, backed up by proper record keeping. We have a team of technical professionals dedicated to supporting those clients who are classified by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) or required to meet the reporting obligations of the Common Reporting Standard. We will work with you to gather this information and report accordingly, ensuring the process is as simple and seamless for you as is possible.

Hawksford has a relatively flat structure allowing teams to work closely and efficiently with our internal Risk and Compliance functions. This means we can deliver solutions to new and existing clients in a timely manner, saving our clients time and expense.

Above all, Hawksford's success is based on enduring, long-term relationships that are centred on individual care and a resolute commitment to impeccable service.


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