We offer clients the opportunity to establish a trust company business in Jersey or Cayman Islands, without the extra hassle or expense needed to equip and maintain its own office and staff.

Managed trust companies (MTCs) are trust businesses formed by Hawksford on behalf of our clients. The MTC will often take on the name of the parent (client) company and thereby open the company up to new markets under an established name. At the same time, they benefit from Hawksford's established relationships with the regulating bodies in each of our jurisdictions, our robust approach to offshore governance, and our experience of establishing and managing private trusts.

Why might you need the services of a managed trust company?

  • To establish an offshore presence in either Jersey or Cayman Islands
  • To extend product offering to a new client base and/or new market without incurring the fixed costs of equipping a fully resourced office or establishing a standalone trust company
  • Where there is a preference to retain a close link between intermediary and client
  • As an intermediary, to ensure your clients are receiving accurate and up to date advice from a team of discreet and experienced trust and company professionals

Our services include:

  • Application for registration of the managed trust company with the JFSC (Jersey) or CIMA (Cayman Islands) Corporate trustee administration services
  • Company secretarial support
  • Registered office address
  • Trust, company and foundations administration
  • Support with specific transactions
  • Provision of two directors required for Jersey and Cayman Islands(requirements)
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Annual account auditors
  • Banking relationships
  • Marketing and client meetings

Why choose Hawksford?

Good governance and proper controls

Undertaking client due diligence can be an expensive process, but partnering with Hawksford means you have access to our experienced team of risk and compliance professionals for a fraction of the cost. We operate a relatively flat organisational structure which means are team of administrators work closely and promptly with our internal risk and compliance functions to ensure the right questions are answered within reasonable timeframes.

Seamless service

We appreciate that operating a managed trust company is very much an extension of your reputation, as well as ours. We build teams where a responsive and proactive approach is at the heart of our client service. Daily dialogue, quick turnarounds and meaningful interactions, those are just some of the reasons why clients stay with Hawksford for many years.

We know what we are doing

We have been administering trusts for more than 50 years. With our rich experience and technical expertise, our directors and our MTC team are qualified to establish robust structures for our clients that stand the test of time.

Email [email protected] or contact any key contact from the Corporate services page directly to find out how we can help you.

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