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Philanthropic Services

Philanthropy and socially responsible investing are now core considerations for many individuals, families and businesses. Our dedicated philanthropy services team will work with a network of experts to assist you or your business to give more effectively and make a positive impact on issues that are close to your heart.

Our philanthropic services experts will find the most appropriate vehicle for managing a diverse range of philanthropic endeavours whether that be in your lifetime or as part of your estate planning. We are experienced in establishing foundations, charitable companies, trusts and investment funds (working with Hawksford’s funds team) which stand up to scrutiny and meet the highest standards of transparency and governance. We also offer Sharia-compliant structures and governance in accordance with Sharia principles.

A philanthropic strategy to suit your objectives 

Our philanthropic strategies are tailored to your meet your personal objectives whilst ensuring they are tax efficient. For some clients, the creation and maintenance of philanthropic structures is part of a wider process of engaging the next generation in the responsibilities of wealth management and as a way of passing on family values.   

For others, the focus is on ethical investments and positive social impact, whilst also generating a financial return. Hawksford can provide various structures through our philanthropic services in which to make such investments such as companies, funds or limited partnership vehicles. 

Our services include:

  • Establishing and administering the philanthropic structure or vehicle for investment including Charitable and non-Charitable Trusts, Charitable Companies, Foundations, Funds and Limited Partnership Vehicles
  • Liaising with co-founders and donors to ensure clarity of purpose and commitment to objectives 
  • Liaising with external advisers and auditors
  • Implementing policies and activities to achieve objectives 
  • Conducting interviews for senior appointments to the charity's management team
  • Monitoring the charity's financial position and assessing long-term financial performance and sustainability
  • Attending charity trustee meetings
  • Communicating with regulators where required
  • Enabling a person to bequeath his or her assets to a charitable cause following their death as part of their Will and Estate Planning 

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