Why outsource your family office?

The role of the family office is to unify and consolidate the often complex and varied affairs of a family. Some banks and investment houses offer what they call a family office, primarily covering financial services for HNW families.

However, we mean something much wider – and not just limited to investments and trust and company administration.

Tailored solutions as unique as you

Hawksford looks after every aspect of a family's affairs, from concierge services, private jet and yacht brokerage to trans-jurisdictional, multi-generational wealth management strategies.

  • Planned to perfection

    A family office can provide a coherent overview of a family's affairs and can allow for a holistic approach that highlights gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities. It can facilitate an informed, proactive approach to wealth management; helping you to find clarity and plan for your family’s future.

  • Excellence is in the detail

    Being able to cope with change in an ever-changing global economy is essential. We design each clients’ family office structure to allow it to evolve and flow with the family’s needs over time. Having a team at your fingertips that can react when necessary and knowing that every detail will be taken care of when changes do occur, gives our most discerning clients the peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

  • Discretion, the heart of what we do

    For many families, one of the highest priorities when outsourcing their family office, is discretion and the highest possible level of confidentiality. Outsourcing to an external provider ensures proper ring fencing, corporate governance and due diligence whilst ensuring the utmost privacy. Whether a family’s needs are simple or complex, using an experienced service provider that understands your needs and goals ensures the perfect balance between transparency for regulatory needs and privacy.

  • Simply exceptional, exceptionally simple

    We often find that a desire for secure and certain estate planning and asset protection is a key factor driving the establishment of a family office. A family office can be used to ensure the preservation of family wealth for future generations.

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