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Hawksford Private Family Office

Tailored Family Office Solutions

Hawksford’s presence in Europe and Asia gives clients access to key international markets and support across different time zones. Whether affluent families and individuals in Asia are looking to invest in Europe or in Asia, our offices work together to offer a truly complete family office solution.

Hawksford’s 60-year family office heritage combined with our multi-award-winning team, makes us one of the most trusted names for private wealth structuring in the world. Generations of clients and trusted advisers take confidence in our comprehensive Family Office solutions.

Hawksford's private client team

What makes Hawksford’s approach to wealth structuring unique?

We understand that the needs of an affluent family are often global and complex; we are not defined by where our offices are, but where our clients and their advisers are located or need to be.

  • Stability & continuity

    Hawksford has extensive experience of setting up and running successful family offices for a diverse range of clients and their advisers. In some cases, we have been looking after the same family's wealth for three generations, and we consider stability and continuity to be a key feature of our offering. We hand pick a team based on their experience and your goals; so you are perfectly aligned to a team of experienced professionals that have a complete understanding of what you want to achieve.

  • Experience

    Hawksford has detailed knowledge and practical experience of forming and administering complex structures and can work with a family's advisers to agree and create an appropriate family office structure. We can also use our knowledge and skills to coordinate, oversee and, where appropriate, provide and maintain the various entities and interests that hold and make up a family's wealth. We have strong relationships with some of the leading advisors in the industry and utilise those connections to provide an efficient all-round service.

  • Transparency

    We see clarity and transparency of fees to be an important feature of a private family office and work closely with each family and their advisers to agree a bespoke fee agreement. We have no set standard and can offer a full fixed fee, to be charged on a time spent basis or a combination of the two.

  • Innovation and confidentiality

    We are able to use our knowledge, experience and discretion to lead from the front, establishing effective family office structures and solutions that remain in tune with the family's objectives and ensure that all members and advisers are working together privately in harmony to protect and enhance the family wealth for years to come.

Family Office Experts:

We have exceptional people leading Hawksford's Family Office Solutions across Europe and Asia. Our clients are based in over 115 locations around the world, and we have specialised experts on hand to deliver on their needs, for any time zone.

Darren Kelland

Global Head of Private Client Services

Michael Powell

Director, Private Client Services

Alice Quek

Head of Private Client Services, Asia


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We understand that a HNW family’s needs are often global and complex. We are not defined by where our offices are, but where our clients and advisers need us. Contact us to protect and preserve your wealth.

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