21 May 2019

The benefits of outsourcing your fund

In a dynamic industry operating within a continuously evolving global landscape, making the decision to outsource fund administration and accounting services can be one of the wisest decisions that a fund manager can make.


Simon Page

Global Head of Fund Services

Traditionally, fund managers delivered fund administration in-house. As reporting expectations have increased it makes sense to outsource this function to a reliable and reputable specialist to ensure that you can focus on what matters to you, without worrying about regulatory, compliance and reporting requirements. 

What an experienced Fund Administrator can give you if you outsource to them: 

An experienced fund administration provider removes the burden of running the day-to-day operations of the fund vehicle from a statutory and regulatory perspective, enabling the fund to meet investor demands and the manager to focus on devising investment strategies and building value.

  • Choosing the right fund administrator can both minimise risk and maximise the fund’s success. 
  • Building a long-term relationship with a reputable fund administration and accounting provider gives the manager direct access to a team of funds specialists with rigorous industry experience, technical know-how and a proactive approach. 
  • Outsourcing creates cost efficiencies. Fund administrators provide sophisticated reporting technology and processes to multiple clients, so the fund manager avoids heavy costs of buying in expensive reporting systems. 
  • Third party fund administrators invest in sophisticated technology that is agile and responsive. The effective administration and accounting of a fund has become a more complex task as the industry has developed. A fund administrator can provide bespoke services that complement a fund’s distinct requirements alongside its macro reporting and regulatory expectations. 
  • Reporting obligations have increased alongside investor demands. Shrewd investors will undertake detailed research before investing; funds must demonstrate watertight accounting and back office administration. This could make the difference between attracting quality investment or not. 
  • The regulatory landscape impacting the funds industry is consistently evolving and influencing reporting expectations. It is a significant undertaking to keep abreast of global, industry and local legislation. Credible independent fund administrators constantly invest resources into monitoring developments and adapt reporting processes to ensure standards are delivered. 
  • Outsourcing fund administration and accounting gives managers the space to focus on the delivery of the technical aspects of the fund operation and generate value. 
  • Engaging a trusted fund administration partner provides peace of mind that the fund’s reporting obligations will be met and delivered in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

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