Secure Messaging

Start using the Hawksford Secure Messaging Service today for added security and peace of mind.

Sometimes you want added peace of mind that you are the only one who can see a confidential message. That's why we offer our clients the option of using Hawksford Secure Messaging.

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Benefits of Secure Messaging

Using our service means that no information is made available over email and our message stays safe and secure in our system.

  • Increased security

    Messages do not fly out over internet.

  • Message expiry and removal

    Messages don't sit there forever -we can set them to delete after a set period of time.

  • Print prevention

    Messages can't be copied.

  • Secure storage

    Message aren't left in your email inbox or sent message folder.

  • Flexibility

    You can use it all the time or just as a one off.

Register now

Our Service, which is powered by Mimecast - a global expert in the online security industry, provides a greater security level to email when transmitting confidential information.

We need to invite you to register, but once registered, you will only receive an email notification from Hawksford asking you to log in to our service to read the message. From the Service you can store messages securely as well as send us messages from it too.

If you're interested in using Hawksford Secure Messaging, please contact your Hawksford director to request and invite.

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