Cherith Fothergill

Head of Marketing

Cherith moved to Jersey and joined Hawksford Group in 2014. Having started her career in higher education marketing, Cherith has spent the last three years in brand-building marketing positions within the banking and finance industry in London.

Prior to Hawksford, Cherith worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group as a Campaign Manager within the Strategic Communications team. She worked on the launch and integration of a major award-winning culture change programme across RBS and its 120,000 employees which revived focus on the customer and increased employee engagement.

Cherith was previously part of the Employer Brand Marketing team and worked on the development and positioning of RBS as a leading employer of choice, including numerous high profile campaigns around gender diversity and women in banking.

Cherith’s career path has included marketing roles at high-profile UK universities including The University of Cambridge, Glasgow University and the University of St Andrews. From these experiences she brings a firm knowledge of innovative digital and event management practices and brand-building communications, and a passion for young entrepreneur programmes.

Cherith joined Hawksford Group in 2014 and is responsible for the overall group marketing strategy including PR, communications, event and sponsorship strategy and client insight research programmes. She is looking forward to helping Hawksford employees build stronger relationships with their clients and colleagues.