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Guiding businesses

We have created GuideMeHongKong.com as an information portal to provide accurate and unbiased information about Hong Kong. The portal is targeted towards individuals and companies who want to learn about Hong Kong as a business jurisdiction, and the process of starting a business here.

We believe that Hong Kong offers an ideal location for global business professionals. With  world-class infrastructure, well developed capital markets, a highly educated work force, rich cultural traditions and a low tax regime, it is a fantastic region for doing business and the gateway into China.

Backing your business for tomorrow

Once you have chosen Hong Kong as the jurisdiction for your business, Hawksford provides a complete suite of services that span all aspects of setup and ongoing company administration. We can help you get started and plan for the long term.

Visit GMHK

Go to GuideMeHongKong.com now to understand how to make the most of your business decision.


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