11 June 2021

Hawksford's Fabio Stella joins China Britain Business Council’s Government Affairs Working Group

With the aim of granting further access to Hawksford’s plan for growth and development in China and ensuring our clients and contacts wider knowledge of national and local policies and stakeholders, Hawksford China Head of Sales and BD Fabio Stella has joined the China Britain Business Council Government Affairs Working Group.

Part of the group’s recent activities was a symposium with the Shanghai Municipal and District Level Authorities looking after Foreign Direct Investment held in 2020, a tour of Lingang New Area in early 2021, several rounds of internal meetings among CBBC members and WG components on market access, new policy releases, and overall coordination and steering of the structure main targets and deliverables. 

Hawksford China COO, Peter Zhu commented; “As one of the early joiners of China’s service providers for foreign-invested enterprises setting up here in China, the firm has invested a great amount of time and resources in developing a precious network of professional relationships with State, provincial and city-level authorities and government departments ensuring a direct line for our clients and us while conducting our business in compliance with local rules and regulations. This recent accomplishment bodes well with our long-term engagement with China as one of the most promising jurisdictions.

Hawksford China Head of Sales and BD, Fabio Stella commented: “I am delighted and thrilled to be invited to join the CBBC’s Working Group on Government Affairs. As one of the few foreign representatives from the member companies, I consider myself fortunate to have had such chances to meet and negotiate red tape and market access issues on behalf of our clients with local authorities in China. During this time, I have formed a much more practical understanding of the local laws and business practices in my nine years of working around the coastal regions.” 

CBBC’s Working Groups provide forums for our members to share information and best practices, discuss challenges and opportunities, and contribute directly to the shaping of CBBC’s work. CBBC launched our first Working Groups in Beijing and Shanghai in 2020 and focused on Government Affairs professionals with further groups planned. The Working Groups meet regularly with ad hoc meetings scheduled when necessary.

Activities include regular meetings, Government engagements, themed workshops, training, and interactions with other international and local trade organizations. The groups meet on a bi-monthly basis or if there is a need, following a major policy announcement or development.  

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