Trend Analysis - 03 September 2020

China Retail Survey Results 2020 Released

Hawksford’s latest Retail survey identifies some informative insights on what you need to know to succeed in the China market.

Adapting to the new normal within the Retail sector in China

Between April and May 2020, Hawksford launched an anonymous survey to provide its clients with additional data to estimate the impact of recent closures and business interruptions, enabling them to plan ahead. Almost 20 international retail brands with a notable presence in online channels and brick and mortar stores in China responded.

At Hawksford we grow, protect and support operations for the world’s best-known retail and luxury brands into China, and you have a unique opportunity to find out which strategies retail brands implemented after they were hit by Covid-19.

In our report, you will find the following insights:

  • Unique views from almost 20 international retail brands on the situation in China
  • How international retail brands were affected by Covid-19 in China
  • The strategies they chose to implement
  • How corporate services providers can help them survive the impacts of Covid-19

Hawksford has helped many international retail companies to expand into China. We work with an unrivalled number of retail brands from all over the world, in fashion and luxury consumer goods and in the apparel industry. Our mission is to ensure that brands can concentrate their financial and human resources on success and expansion in Asia. By providing our clients with valuable input, we aim to restate our support in these challenging times. 

Download the Retail survey results

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