Event - 28 June 2019

Retail Business in China - Hawksford as a proud sponsor of Italy's high profile retail event

Hawsford is a proud sponsor of the “Retail Business in China” event organised by Confimprese in Milan, Italy. Fabio Stella, Head of BD and Sales China will be the speaker accompanied by Salvatore di Chiara, Associate of Hawksford Italy at the event.

China is becoming the central for retailers. With over 1.4 billion inhabitants, China has been in the process of economic expansion for years: with the same purchasing power, in 2014 it became the largest economy in the world, surpassing the United States for the first time. In 2010 it was the leading exporting nation in the world and by 2013 it was ranked first for trade.

China’s per capita income is still lower than the world average, it is the number one country in the world by number of internet users: 802 million, the European Union ranks number two with 398 million, India number three with 374 and the United States in fourth place with 246.8 million users.


The seminar “Retail Business in China” aims at all Italian retail companies who are interested in seizing the development opportunities that this market offers, with high profile speakers sharing know-hows and concrete experiences in their internationalization process. The organiser, Confimprese, is a leading Italian Retail Association made up of modern trade companies with franchising and direct networks. Its mission is to protect the interests of the companies within the association by supporting their development in Italy and abroad.


To see the agenda for the event and register, please click here

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