Technical briefing - 02 September 2016

Director Julian Hayden comments on Brexit in BL Magazine's feature: the calm after the storm

The feature takes a look at the Channel Island's reaction to Brexit, and was originally published in BL Magazine, Issue 46.

Contributors included;

  •  Sir Philip Bailhache, Jersey Senator
  • Geoff Cook, CEO, Jersey Finance
  • John Harris, Director General, Jersey Financial Services Commission
  • Rob Kirkby, Executive Director, KPMG
  • Eric Major, CEO, Henley and Partners
  • Dominic Wheatley, Chief Executive, Guernsey Finance

"Things have moved on massively since the days of currency regulation: there's free movement of capital globally and Jersey is in a fantastic position to facilitate that and benefit from it. So even if the UK catches a cold we'll continue to do well in the EU and the global market. And if the UK benefits economically from being able to go solo from the EU, Jersey could benefit from that too - because of the vast amounts of money we invest from London abroad and vice versa." - Julian Hayden, Director, Hawksford

"We're an ESMA-approved jurisdiction as a third country. That status, which allows us to provide services to the EU on the same basis as the US and Switzerland, was negotiated independent of our relationship with the UK." - Geoff Cook, CEO, Jersey Finance

Download the article as full colour pdf

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